Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Society

Two travelers, Father and his son. Left for a journey with their companion, a mule.

For simplicity, lets name them Tom, Dick and Harry respectively. So Tom and Dick, both are sitting on Harry and they are progressing in their path towards the destination. Like any traveler, they encounter multiple villages on their way.

As they passed through the first village, few local villagers commented, " Look at the father and son perched on the poor animal. They have no remorse for the poor fella. Shame on those guys!."

Tom couldn't ignore that comment. So he thought it would be a good idea for him to get down and let Dick stay put.

As they passed through the second village, few more villagers commented, "Look at the son! He is making his father, an older person, walk while he is luxuriously sitting on the mule. Shame, Shame!

Dick couldn't ignore that comment. So he got down and asked his father to sit. And he started walking by their side.

As they passed through the third village, some local villagers commented again, "What a decadence! The father, a more responsible being, is making his son walk.Look at the poor son as he stumbles to walk. The father should take that burden on himself! "

Both Tom and Dick couldn't ignore that comment. So they thought the best way to avoid these tantrums is for them to walk aside Harry.

As they passed the fourth village, some local villagers burst in to laughs, " Has anybody seen idiots lately? Look at the father and son going past. In spite of the mule, these duds are walking!"

Neither Tom nor Dick or Harry could ignore the comment. But they didn't know what more to do. So they said, "Chuck it!" Held their head hight and kept moving ahead.

So what's the moral of the story?

No matter what you do, there's always someone talking. Then all you can do is to keep moving ahead.

Friday, September 03, 2010

A Chai at Starbucks....

A tall hot Chai. Standing in solitude, like me.

Eyes look here and there. Millions of thoughts cross the mind. Why? How? Where? What? The tussle inside has started.

Memories start swirling the hot cup. Ghosts from the past make their appearance. Trying to help me remember the lesson learnt. The lesson that a tempt moment makes you forget.

Then suddenly the lesson is remembered. Just like the Chai at that moment, something very warm is felt inside.

You are not a slave. Neither to the mind nor to the grind. You are what you choose to be. No one. No one can make you feel whatever unless you choose to getting felt that way.

The questions start to disappear just as the Chai starts too.

In the end, something has precipitated, like the brown sugar that survived the trials in the cup. A Smile, an hope and a memory of Johnnie Walker line that says, " Keep Walking."


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Love hath arrived....

Well if you are looking for an answer to the question, "what is love?", please hit Crtl+ Alt+Del right now. And I suggest you pick up a Eric Segal or an equivalent Mills and Boon. I don't know what love is. Or rather, I don't what love means to you. The thought here is purely personal.

For me love just means happiness of the person you love. Unprejudiced, unbiased. Its easier said than done. Because It's very hard to love someone without judging them for what they are.

Think for a moment that love is like a sunrise. Do you possess the sunrise? No. Do you judge it for what it is? No. What you do is just bask in it and feel the brilliance on you. And then feel gratitude for it being in your life.
Love is more or less like it.

More because it doesn't take place at a certain time of a day. More because it fills your heart with radiance to such a level that you don't want to posses the person you love. More because it shows you twilight before it rises completely on a relationship.

Less because it may not be as bright as the sunrise but it certainly gives you warmth. Less because though it doesn't rise and set, it makes you soar and swerve. Less because even if it doesn't have a sense of direction, the only way it knows is true north.

For me love will always there as long as the heart is beating. And may be even after it stops. I don't expect love in return because love is not a trade. It's gift from the human upstairs to the person I love. I am only a medium. Love is what makes two souls connect even when their bodies are miles apart. It's what eyes say that the words can never explain. It's in the touch that you long for.Love is pointless.

In jealousy, lust, possessiveness love's labor is lost. Those are like the dark clouds on the bright sunrise. Ironically those clouds have a silver lining too. So is the power of love.

Love gives me the power to tide away the darkest clouds to bring back the sunlight. For me , love never wins because it's never in the game. It's a silent cleanser of heart's which knows no games, no wars and no battles.

So , tonight hold your loved one tightly. Look in their eyes, kiss them, tousle their hair. Tonight, let the tears flow from the heart because love has filled it to the brim. Tonight let the hands bring the warmth like the sunrise. And tonight, thou shalt know that love hath arrived.

Thou shalt know that love hath arrived...


Monday, April 19, 2010

Glass Half empty/Half Full

Some people give me this cliche that I should see life in a positive outlook. Always look at the brighter side of any happening and learn from it. See the glass half full instead of half empty.

Here's my question to them: have you gone beyond and thought what is in the glass? What is it's content? Lets take for eg. that the glass is filled with muddy water. And you are looking at it with all the positivity in the world. Wouldn't you be glad that the glass is half-empty? So is that positive or are you still thinking negatively?
Another way to look at it is defining "empty." Maybe the emptiness is what you are seeking. In that case the glass half-full with water is a negative thing. Is'nt it?

Think about it.

Here, the point I am trying to drive home is that "outlook" is a very relative thing. I can't meet a person for few weeks and be judgmental that he/she has a positive/negative outlook of life. Because I have not been privy to what that person has been through in his/her own life.
Can I go to a war-stricken refugees and tell them to be positive about life? To look at the rising sun and be inspired? Maybe some will and some wont. It doesn't mean that the other people have negative approach. Its just where they are that defines what they think.

So my humble request to all those hopeful optimists out there is to give our thoughts- the pessimist's - a fair chance . Who knows, for a given situation they may be better than yours.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Broken Needle

People say I am a funny guy . You guys better be serious about that. :)

Since I am funny, I will never take life seriously. I know I will never come out of it alive.

Then why bother over split milk, pestering bosses, broken hearts and less yearly bonus? Cursing someone who has put you in that zone is preciously worthless.
When will you realize that those people outside are never a problem?They are meant to hate, attract, tempt, gossip and snob. They are people after all. For someone else, you are a part of those "people." The problem is your identification with them. So forget what happened the other night or why she did this and that. If you are not meant to be together you are not meant to be together. Cut your losses and move on. But don't forget to send her the bill. :)

Life is more beautiful than someone who doesn't want to be with you.

So get up, flirt with the next door girl , wipe somebody's tears, donate some money, ride a bike, click some photos, crack bad jokes, write heavy stuff, go facebooking, google that hot chick, mix some drinks, watch a movie, drive in to the night. There is so much of stuff to do in life. Remember to have a memory loss and life will be beautiful again.

Dude, we all know the destination, it's the journey that is all that matters.

Take care!


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Lack of Sleep

Tonight, Again I will burn the midnight oil.
lets see, if I get the warmth of my own toil.
Eyes will request sleep, mind will request rest.
Hail ho! my people, do not let that effort go in to soil.

Tonight, i will reduce my life with less sleep.
for that what is comparatively cheap.
As I know that this is something that will end.
As I know that this is something i will never keep.

Wake up my friend, to the lack of sleep time.
a result of your own nickel and dime....
For once shove the time and schedules
For once snooze the candid alarm chime.